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What is N Scale?

What is N Scale?

"N Scale" or "N Gauge" track is one of several standard sizes available to Model Railway fans. "N" refers to the 9mm spacing standard between the rails.


Charm of N Scale

Long formation trains!

One of the best features of N scale is the possibility of enjoying prototypical, long formation trains such as high speed express trains. Even with limited space, trains of 10-20 coaches can be achieved.

KATO N Scale components

3 elements to run

In order to run N gauge the above three elements are required.


Head light · Tail light on!
Realistic and smooth running.

Easy to handle for beginners Assembly easy and durable track.


Flexible control of speed and direction

Line-up of railroad facilities and town buildings at stations and platforms.



You can express trees, grass and snow, rocks and water, all kinds of ground.




Why KATO UNITRACK is ideal for building both your permanent and temporary layouts


Elegant in design and function

The Uni-joiner is the basis for KATO UNITRACK's worry-free design. A removable connector clip, the Uni-joiner can be replaced inthe unfortunate event that a piece breaks or fails (unlike other snap    tracks where the entire section will have to replaced), and can be easily swapped out  for wired uni-joiners or insulated uni-joiners for more advanced layout wiring techniques.KATO UNITRACK uses a special alloy of nickel silver to prevent tarnising and reduces the frequency of cleaning that is required.

If you're an occasional modeler who only pulls out the train set on holidays, that means you don't need to worry about your rails rusting away in the package! Likewise, if you operate your trains on a daily basis, you'll have to clean your track less often and have fewer instances of lost conductivity!

The Unitrack Features

DC, 2-Rail system

Easy plug-in wiring for track and accessories. UNITRACK should not be operated at voltages over DC 12V 3A(36W).




Wide variety for any layoutet

Standard single track

(wooden ties)

Elevated Viaduct single track

(wooden ties)

Standard double track

(concrete ties)

Elevated Viaduct double track

(concrete slabs)

Street style double track

One of the biggest benefits of using KATO UNITRACK is the variety of track styles to choose from - with various types of single and double track including viaduct and pier sections for runnning elevated trains and even street tracks, complete with compatible road sections and pre-built structures for making city scenes!

All KATO UNITRACK components are inter-compatible within the same scale -meaning it's a "snap" to link up single track pieces to double track pieces, to elevated viaduct pieces, or even between the new street track sections. Your only limit is your imagination!

The UNITRACK Variation

Single Tracks (wooden ties / sleepers)

Ground level

The basics of UNITRACK can be achieved with single track pieces. The standard straight is 248mm with 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 length straight also available. 315mm Radius (R315) is your standard curve with 6 inner curves and 2outer curves also available too as are buffer stops and adjustable track.

UNITRACK Compact / Unitram

Turnouts / Crossings / Crossovers

#6 Turnouts R(L)

Turnouts, crossings and crossovers make your model railway more interesting. They are indispensable at stations, sidings and engine sheds.

Double Tracks

Ground level

Unitrack double track items are perfect for replicating modern scenes with pre-cast concrete sleepers (ties) and slabs. On a curve, there is inbuilt "cant" (small incline) so that trains realistically lean inwards when travelling. These sections are really easy to set up and put away as well.

Curves on double tracks is superelevated-inclined inward. The rail bed with inclined rails  is marked ➧. Connecting curves with Easement tracks at the ➧ will form un inclined curve.


track L


track R

Flat side

Can be connected to the rail bed end of varrious kinds of single or double tracks without double cirve tracks.


Can be connected to the rail bed end, formed with inclined angle and marked with ➧ , of double curve tracks or Easement tracks by matching their ends with ➧.

Unitrack compact is a track set that includes curves of R183mm pr less. With this set you can enjoy train such as the Glacier Express which can negotiate the tight curves on a table top or similar. 

Electric Turntable / Level crossing / Signals

Electric Turntable

All are available within the Unitrack system and are very easy to use, no matter how complicated your layout might me.

Perfect for any skill level


Whether it's being used for a quick build that can be assembled or disassembled in minutes or carefully being weathered and built into a permanent, decorated layout, KATO UNITRACK benefits from a tried and true design that reduces necessary maintenance and allows for easy and reliable assembly; meaning that no matter what level ofskill you are, using KATO UNITRACK on your layout means you and your family can spend time actually operating trains - not troubleshooting connection issues or cleaning rails.

Advanced level

Entry level

Master Sets

Master Sets

Track Set M1 or M2 give you an oval of track and power controller. It designed a modular track system for beginners and experts alike that you can combine with any of your favorite Kato train sets or individual locomotive to start play. It's easy to assemble while maintaining a smooth electrical connection and ride for your locomotives, also able to expand more possible layouts with Variation series track set.

Single Track Variation Sets / Double Track Variation Sets /

Variation Track Set

Sets V1 to V7 offer single piece combination sets that expand upon your M1 or M2 Master Set.

Starter Sets

Starter Sets

Starter Sets are "all in" set to get your started including track, a controller and a train. You will be started in no time at all !


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